Telecrapper 2000

There is a new device called the Telecrapper 2000 that recognizes when a telemarketer is calling and answers with a software based person that wraps them up in a pointless, never ending conversation for the sole purpose of annoying them and for your amusement. You can record the conversation also. Click the link to hear a real conversation recorded with the Telecrapper 2000.


2 Responses to “Telecrapper 2000”

  1. Michael Hedgpeth Says:

    Is this supposed to be a joke?

  2. Geekologist Says:

    Well… it was something that someone made using an old telephone that would plug into the line-in on there pc. Then they made software that would recognize a telemarketer when they called and then wrap them up in a conversation with the sole purpose of keeping them on the line as long as they could. The software could actually record the conversation. If you click the link you can see a real recorded conversation with a telemarketer.

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