The Broadcast Flag

This is the MPAA’s definition of a broadcast flag: “The broadcast flag is a sequence of digital bits embedded in a television program that signals that the program must be protected from unauthorized redistribution. It does not distort the viewed picture in any way. Implementation of this broadcast flag will permit digital TV stations to obtain high value content and assure consumers a continued source of attractive, free, over-the-air programming without limiting the consumer’s ability to make personal copies.” Some of this is not true. A broadcaster will be able to say that you can’t record this show or make copies of it. It gives broadcasters the ability to tell you what you can and can’t record. This has still not been approved by the court. Please send a letter to your representitive and tell them not to approve this. You can do this by visiting the link in the title. Aslo, if you would like more info on the broadcast flag go HERE.


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