Review Of AIM Triton Beta

Well, I have been using the new beta of AIM, dubbed Triton, and I have to say that it looks pretty nice. It has some interesting new features such as: XM Radio built in, a contact list, new away message options, and a new look. Overall it is ok, but there is one thing that tics me off when it comes to AIM or AOL in general. When you install the beta it also install there crappy web browser, AOL Explorer, and Plaxo. I didn’t want either of them and there was no option for them in the install. When one of my friends installed it none of his games would work until he uninstalled AOL Explorer. I just which that AOL would stop crapping up people’s PCs with adware and junk that people don’t want and didn’t ask for. I hope that this won’t be included in the final non-beta release.


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