Update On AIM Triton Beta

I am sorry to say that I have changed my opinion of the AOL Instant Messenger Triton Beta. While it was installed on my system I had a problem with my PC not connecting to the internet through the router. I was still connected to the network and file and printer sharing was working fine, but it would not connect to the web. I uninstalled the AIM Beta and it worked fine afterwards. After this experience I would not recommend using the beta. At least wait till the full non-beta version is released. I do not use the AIM client period. I have replaced all my IM clients with Trillian. I would suggest other people to do the same, do to the fact that the “name brand” clients install things that you do not want/need and they slow your PC down. Another good reason to use Trillian is that it combines all of your IM services in one. It supports the following services: AOL, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, and IRC.


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