Steve Jobs Hints More Apple Phones To Come

Jobs says he’s happy with Apple’s part of its first telephony experiment. “There are more phones yet to roll out,” he says with a sly smile, adding, “Cingular has been great to work with.” If they do make more phones in the future, I hope there not as crappy as the ROKR. They screwed that phone up big time and I believe it was on purpose.


2 Responses to “Steve Jobs Hints More Apple Phones To Come”

  1. Michael Hedgpeth Says:

    Why would it have been on purpose?

  2. Geekologist Says:

    Alot of people believe, including me, that at the time Apple just didn’t give a flip about the ROKR. They announced the Nano the same day. I think that they didn’t want to hurt Nano sales. One of the crummy features on the phone was then 100 song cap, which was Apple’s idea. The phone could have heald alot more the way it was or they could have designed the phone with a mini-SD slot. If Apple wanted to do a phone well then it would look nice, work well, and be able to holds lots of songs. I just don’t see any of that in the ROKR.

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