Free Stuff – How The Heck Does It Work?

Have you ever wondered how these sites like or work? Well I think I might have the answer. If you look at how many referrals you have to get (usually about 10-20) and the offers that you and your referrals have to complete then you might see how. All of there sponsors that the offers are for pay the sits money for all the offers completed by people from their site. Let’s say I sign up and do my offer, then I get 10 referrals. All of those 10 referrals get ten more and so on. So they make tons of these offers, because it’s this huge tree of people doing offers. This is just my opinion from my observations. Just do some research on it and send me an email at and tell me what you think. You know, it never can hurt to try.


Free Video iPods

Free Laptops


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