Gate “Defends Your Right To Copy”

Bill Gates explains that Blue-ray is anti-consumer and therefore is not going to backed by Microsoft. “Microsoft may be hoping to assuage user concerns over the level of hardware-driven copy protection Vista will enable, while simultaneously including the stronger protection measures demanded by the movie and music industries.” Well, it’s a start, but I still want someone in the industry to stand up to the MPAA and say: “Copy protection is wrong. We will not stand for this anymore.” If I was big in the industry that’s not even a hunderedth of what I would say.


One Response to “Gate “Defends Your Right To Copy””

  1. Double-oh Steven Says:

    HA! You want to know why Bill Gates supports HD-DVD instead of blu-ray? Two words: Cheap. er. The differances in terms of DRM and copy protection on the two formats are negligable. Both formats support digital rights management, and both can be ripped and burned by anyone with the inclination.

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