Reuters “Apple may launch Intel laptops in January”

“Apple Computer Inc. could introduce its first laptop computers based on Intel Corp. chips as early as January, which, together with robust sales of video iPods, should drive earnings higher, Citigroup said on Wednesday.” says Reuters. Interesting. Might not have to wait for me powerbook after all. No mention on which Intel processor will be used. Although, Low End Mac believes they will ship with Intel’s new dual core “Yonah” processors.


2 Responses to “Reuters “Apple may launch Intel laptops in January””

  1. becki Says:

    I wish I understood more about what you’re talking about, then I could comment intelligently…..I’m a bad youth group leader. *runs away*

  2. Geekologist Says:

    That’s fine. You can just pretend you know what I am talking about. That’s what most people in the tech world do anyway. Lol.

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