Intel Macs – My Predictions

Well, we have been hearing a lot of rumors about the Intel Macs lately. I just wanted to touch on this subject briefly and tell you what I think. I think that Apple will probably announce the first Intel based Macs at Mac World in January, along with some other added features to iLife ’06 and to the video content in iTunes. They will most likely release the consumer based line first, most likely the iBooks and the Mac Minis. I also think that there is at least a slight chance of Intel Powerbooks as well. That would make sense because Apple doesn’t have a good notebook chip right now. I’ve also read that the iBooks, or Powerbooks as well, will run on Intel’s new notebook chip dubbed “Yonah” at about 2.13 GHz speeds. There is also a rumor that they will add Front Row 2.0 to the next version of iLife ’06. If that happened then they will probably add more content to the iTunes Music Store. I have heard that ESPN and Fox have said they would be open a deal with Apple in the future. Some sites were saying they would release some kind of PVR software for the Mac Mini, or have it built in to Front Row.

Well that was what I think will happen, but now I will tell you what I WANT to happen. I want Apple to release Intel Powerbooks, low-end iBooks, and a Mac Mini at Mac World this coming January. The next version of iLife (iLife ’06) should include Front Row with a built in PVR functionality that would integrate with iTunes, so that you could record your favorite shows and possibly transfer them strait to your iPod. That was my two cents.


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