Apple Could Be In For A Patent Dispute With Creative

Now that you know all about the Zen Vision: M, let’s talk about the legal stuff going on here. So you are thinking that Apple is going to sue Creative right? Wrong. Apparently Creative holds a US patent on “a system used to navigate music on digital players” that Apple is using. So the boos of Creative, Mr. Sim Wong Hoo, has told the BBC that he plans to “pursue aggressively” this patent. He also says: “We will pursue ALL manufacturers that use the same navigation system. This is something we will pursue aggressively.” and that “Hopefully this will be friendly, but people have to respect intellectual property.” He also attacks the iPod saying: “This is the key difference between a technology company and a branding company,” as he believes that the Zen Vision: M is a far more powerful device than the iPod. He also mentions that Creative has been working on this player for over a year, and so they did not copy the design of the new 5G iPod. I’m not very good at all this legal stuff, but I hope that Apple doesn’t end up having to pay licensing fees to Creative.


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