Creative Zen Vision: M

As you may have heard, Creative announced a new Zen Vision that looked very similar to the iPod with video. The new player (as pictured to the right) supports the following codecs: MPEG-4, WMV, Motion JPEG, DivX, and XviD. It’s size and capacity is also familiar. It sports a 2.5-inch 320×240 screen and a 30GB hard drive. Creative did manage to get 4 hours of video playback, one hour more than the iPod’s 2.5 to 3 hour battery life. Although, it does only have 11 hours of audio playback compared to the 16 hours of the iPod. There are also some interesting features like a FM tuner and an integrated mic. You see practically the same dimensions as the iPod, but it is about twice as thick as the iPod’s 0.43 inches. Creative also managed to “copy” the iPod interface too. You can get this sucker for about $330 when it comes out in time for the holiday season. It might be a good choice for a video capable device, but it still is not an iPod. That is if Apple doesn’t sue the pants off creative for this.


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