Macworld Predictions

Ok. So Macworld begins Monday and everyone has their theory on what Apple is going to release. I have said in the past that I believe they will release the first Intel power Mac, along with the new version of iLife. I have been thinking a lot about Apple calling the new 5G iPod the: “iPod” or “iPod WITH video” and I am starting to think that they might, in addition to an Intel Mac, release a new iPod with much improved video capabilities. I personally just got the new iPod and I like it a lot. I don’t mind the 2.5 inch screen, because I watch video only as a “Secondary” thing. On the other hand, some people watch lots of video. Most likely it would be people that commute on public transportation or people that fly a lot. I admit that the screen does start to feel a little to small when used for long amounts of time. There is also the issue of the low battery life. You only get 2 hours of video playback on the 30Gb model and still only 3 hours with the 60GB model. There are lots of rumors out there. No one really knows for sure. Let’s just wait and see.


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